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Tips on Choosing the Perfect Pair of Bridal Shoes! 

The Bride carries the dress but it’s the shoes that carry the bride. Don’t overlook the 1 item that will perfect your look – your wedding shoes!

1. Select your shoes early! You need time in selecting the right pair of shoes to walk you down that beautiful aisle so take time to select them carefully . Your wedding dress and shoes should complement each other so selecting your shoes early allows you to see your complete outfit sooner. Most of the time your dress is customized to your fit and height, knowing how high the shoes are would decide to what length the hem of the dress should be altered to.

2. Comfort – For most people, the wedding day is a full day event, from the tea ceremony to photo shoots at various locations with your entourage to the wedding reception and banquet. Thus the comfort of your shoes is your No. 1 priority! Choose a wide fitting shoe if you have wide or squarish shaped feet. Squarish front shoes are suitable as well. This can make a world of difference to your comfort. In comparison to pointed toe shoes, rounded toe shoes are more comfortable in general. Definitely helps the bride walk gracefully down the aisle when her toes are not squashed up together.

3. Heel height! Heels instil better posture (period)!  Even a small heel provides better posture than none at all.  Choose your heel height appropriately with your dress length and partner’s height in mind. If your partner is significantly taller and you are comfortable with high heels, go for it since it would look nicer in the pictures! If you are not comfortable with high heels, your wedding day is not the time for you to try to get used to them. In such cases, consider platforms or kitten heels.

4. Shoe Style! Take your wedding setting into consideration when choosing your shoe style. Example: if you are having a beach wedding, you might want to consider sandals so that it’s easier to manage the sand going into your  shoes! If you want to show off your beautifully pedicured toes, choose open toe heels!

5. Matching your Gown! The basic rule to follow is:

a) Elaborate shoes for simple, elegant gowns, 

b) Simple shoes for elaborate, dramatic gowns

c) There are no rules because nothing is ever really too much for weddings! Which material to choose – Use your dress hem or the highlight of your dress to select the material of your wedding shoes. – Satin, lace and velvet are great choices that complement most wedding gowns. – Leather, suede or glitter jelly heels appear more fashion forward and bold! Show off your personality with your choice of shoe!- Sequins, crystals and embroidery add drama and elegance to the shoes – Think out of the box with alternative choices such as embellished sneakers, boots or chunky heels!

6. Shoe Try-outs! Shop after 4pm noon; this is when your feet swell over the course of the day. It’s the best time to try them on so that you will be prepared for any swelling that occurs on your wedding day.

7. Pre-wedding Shoe preparation! Tame those shoes! We all know that wearing new shoes with heels for the first time usually makes us end up with aching feet or blisters. Break into your new shoes before your wedding day! Wear them in house for 3-4 hours each day till you feel comfortable.  Use gel pads on the sole of your shoes and the back so that it cushions your feet nicely! Wax the edges of your shoes to prevent blisters