"Precious Hearts"

You have my heart and I have yours.. This is Love and here is Forever..
The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.. These are felt within the HEART! 



Walk down the aisle and seal a kiss with this KNOTTIE pair! Twirls and spirals displays a fun side of you. Have FUN piecing your shoes and gown with this tickling pair. Matched best for beach/nautical wedding themes with a seashell top!

"Gypsy Duchess"

Be it the duchess or princess, own this pair like you deserve it.
Looking for a pair to match your tulle dress? This is definitely yours to own.
Everyone loves a fairytale ending, this is your moment.

"7 Wonders"

These 7 roses represents the 7 wonders of marriage:
Love, commitment, companionship, support, family, passion and joy.
We wish that your marriage will be filled with the 7 wonders like this beautiful pair!

"Love Potion"

Red, signifies the abundance of love. There are also beliefs that red brings
luck & prosperity. This amazing pair fits well with your evening gown and traditional "Kua".


Want a glamourous look? This pair is oozing with royal elegance with a touch of blitz and glitz. Create your bride statement by making this pair your choice.

"Queen B(ride)"

Glittery rhinestones represents royalty & sovereignty. This majestic pair is perfect for your beautiful gown. Walk down the aisle with class and elegance whilst the crowd hails to Queen B.​


My, oh my..
This sultry beauty will charm you with her alluring ways.
Fascinate your guests and groom with this sexy & luscious red pair!

"I Heart You"

The 3 most valuable words in a marriage: "I Love You". Say these words to your partner to show appreciation. This pair creates an emotion of a strong attraction and personal attachment. It provides a virtue representing kindness, compassion, and affection.

"White Beauty"

Whilst prince charming and knights in shining armour have their white horses,
reward yourself with this pair of white beauty and await for your prince charming to receive your hand in marriage. (in a white horse too!)

"Pink Panther"

This symbolic pair in pink represents courage and feminity. It adds a tinge of sexiness and romance. Perfect for evening wear and bold with white gowns.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

"One & Only"

A single white rose is said to symbolize the love and innocence of a long, standing love. Used as a gesture of strong emotion and devotion, this beautiful pair declares a message of love and hope.


A recipe for Love , a spoonful of Smile, a jar of Joy, a cup of Kisses and Hugs
and Sprinklings of Pixie Dust! 

"Baby Doll"

Match Babydoll with that exquisite piece of ball gown and have your guests be overwhelmed with a gush of sugar rush. A very sweet and subtle pair for your pick!


​Delightful, pleasing and charming. While the lace trimmings and bow adds sweetness to this pair, spice it up with ball gowns and sashay your special day with both your sweethearts!


Looking for something different? These booties are fun especially when paired with tea-length or mini gowns. Want that chic and sassy look? This is definitely your pick.

Wedding and Bridal shoes atelier, Stardust With Love


Sexy me, sexy not, sexy ME! In three different colours and rhinestones pairing,
wow yourself at how this black beauty brings out your mystical side.  

"Lace and Glory"

​Lace is contemplated beyond simple construction with the intent to impress.
The power of white lace, which manifests the meaning of glory.
This pair is ideal if you would love to dress to impress!​

"Walk With Tradition"

The significance of tea ceremony is a union for a couple; showing respect to the elders and accepting the differences in culture and tradition. The delicate embroidery of lace
pairs well with your traditional Kua or Cheongsam. *pre-order only


"Champagne Bubbles"

A smile is a woman's best accessory, jewels are appropriate for whatever the occasion, and that little champagne for the special day! Time to drink champagne and dance your heart away​! 

"Little Miss Perfect"

Simple, delicate and endearing with a dash  of shimmer!
This pair shows off your simplicity yet, classy side of you.
Embrace that perfect inner beauty.​

"Enchanted Love"

Be careful not to be mesmerized by a love spell with this graceful pair. 
Add a tinge of enchantment whilst you walk down the aisle with the petals of love.​

"Precious Gems"

Pearls are defined as precious gems. This treasure spells sophistication.
Match them with your intriguing gown and you are all set for your big day!

Stardust With Love, Wedding and Bridal Shoes

"Twinkle Stars"

"Twinkle twinkle little stars, how I wonder what you are..."
Splashed with sparkles like diamonds in the sky, this tasteful pair brings out the STAR in you.


"VIP(s) - Very Important Pair of Shoes"

Whilst our other pairs have their own stories to share, this pair will share your bridal story. With diamond showers and a delicate ribbon, be the envy of many other brides to be.

 VIP - enough said.

"Bed of Roses"

The symbolism of roses is steeped in tradition. White roses for bridal provides a sentiment of "Happy Love". Life isnt a bed of roses, but at least your shoes are!

"Amazing Grace"

Elegant, poise and distinct. Boost your confidence and grace by this  immensely flattering pair. This graceful pair will definitely turn heads of your guests!

"The Gift"

Gift boxes are always completed beautifully with ribbons; similarly to this pair. When 2 hearts bind together...
#1. Gift of love
#2. Gift of Marriage
#3. Gift of that once-in-a-life-time gown and of course the...


"Lace Petals"

​Love is the flower of life.. Celebrate your love whilst it blossoms in its utmost splendour! Delicate and refined, bloom on your special day with "Lace Petals" at your feet! 


"Princess B"

Your prince has come! He may not be riding a white horse or have a big castle..
But he will want you and only you, and that would be better than any Fairy Tale.